Kaimai School

Bus Times and Procedures

Please note that these times are a guide. Times do alter depending on traffic situations and the number of stops the bus has to make. School will inform you of the bus route times/changes to route at the start of the school year.

Bus Route 1 | Upper Bus


Morning Time

Afternoon Time

Penmoral Lane7.45am2.55pm
230 Soldiers Road7.47am2.57pm
12 Soldiers Road7.50am3.00pm
State Highway 297.55am3.10pm
Valley View Road8:00am2:55pm
Old Kaimai Road8.05am3.05pm
Kaimai School8.22am3.36pm

Bus Route 2


Morning Time

Afternoon Time

Thorn Road7.40am2.53pm
Pori Pori Road, Kumikumi Road Intersection7.46am2.56pm
50 Ruahihi Road7.50am3.05pm
Peers Road/McLaren Falls Road8.01am3.16pm
Sarona Park – Omanawa Road8.06am3.21pm
McLaren Falls Road8.10am3.25pm
Walter Henry Drive8.16am3.34pm
State Highway 298.20am3.38pm
Kaimai School8.22am3.40pm

All children eligible for bus transport are required to sign a ʻBus User Code of conductʼ before being permitted to use the school bus. Parents are expected to go through this code of conduct with the children to ensure they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Getting On the Bus from home

Children are expected to be at the designated pick up points on time and we recommend that you arrive up to 5 minutes early. Children are delivered back to the pick up points in the afternoon. It is essential that parents are on time to meet the bus as the bus cannot stop and wait for you to arrive at the pick up point. Please note the bus timetable has the suggested time for your child to be waiting for the bus.

Getting on the bus at school

Bus rolls are maintained for the separate bus runs. Children line up and are checked onto the appropriate bus by a duty teacher or a bus monitor under the direct supervision of a duty teacher–a roll is taken.

Temporary Changes

Any change to your childʼs normal bus routine must be notified by the parent/caregiver and approved by the school prior to that change taking place.
We will not accept verbal instructions from children –if this is the case and the staff have any doubt about where your child should be going the child will be kept at school and you will be notified to collect your child. We cannot risk your child getting off at the wrong stop.

Notification to the School

Our preferred form of notification is a signed and dated note outlining details of changes. Phone calls must be made before midday as the office is not always open in the afternoon. Please do not leave messages on the answer phone, as this is not always checked prior to the bus roll being taken –you need to speak to a person. Texting and emailing is fine, but always seek confirmation that the message has been read.

Collecting Bus Children from School

If you are collecting your child, please do not take your child from school without notifying the bus duty teacher. We often search the grounds looking for children only to find they have been picked up. This is an unnecessary cause of alarm and a waste of time.