Kaimai School

General Information


Is held every Monday 8.45am in the Learning Centre and run for about 15 minutes
Parents/Caregivers are more than welcome to attend, please wear your house tee shirt

Childrens’ Clothing and other Personal Items

We recommend all items of children’s clothing be named. Lost property is held in storage and parents may inspect and claim articles anytime during the school day. Please check with the school office first. We would prefer that treasured and valuable items (portable gaming devices, cell phones) are not brought to school as the School will take no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Collecting Children from School During School Hours

Parents who require children to leave school during school hours must arrange to have them picked up from the office area and have notified the school office or classroom teacher.


When enrolling your child, the Ministry of Education requires you to present their birth certificate or passport and vaccination information. The enrolment package takes about 5 minutes to complete and is available from the school office. You may fill the enrolment pack out at home or school.

Home Learning

Homework is an integral part of the successful learning partnership between the home, the student and the school. Comprehensive home learning guidelines are available from your class teacher or from the office.

How Parents and The School Can Communicate

There is a fortnightly school newsletter. This comes out Wednesday/Thursday and is delivered by our rural post deliverer. Additional newsletters and/or information bulletins are sent home to cover special events e.g. social occasions, sports, parent consultation. Both are available as downloads on our Kaimai School website. The school also has a Facebook Page and you are invited to like this page should you wish. The school also uses Skool Loop, this app can be downloaded to your phone.


At Kaimai School we foster leadership in our senior students by offering a number of initiatives. All Year 8 students are given the opportunity to attend the National Young Leaders Day at the beginning of the year to help inspire and develop their leadership qualities.

We also select two Year 8 students as Head Students for the year. These two students have to be nominated and are selected to help run assemblies, speak on behalf of students at various activities and functions, and of course demonstrate our motto of Strive and Honour.

Your school also has four houses, Karaka, Kowhai, Manuka & Puriri. Senior students get opportunities to lead their house groups in events such as swimming sports, athletics, TED Talks, etc.


Please secure any money in an envelope and return to the office or you may wish to pay via internet banking. Please contact the school office should you require more information about internet banking. Advance permission will be sought for all activities that require a parent charge.

Notification of Pupil Absences

Parents are requested to notify the school office of their child’s absence before 8.30am each morning. Written notes are required if no other notification of absence has been made. Using the Skool Loop App on your phone (available from the Apple App Store or the Android Store) enables you to text, email or phone the school.

Click the Skool Loop button below to be redirect to our page for more information.

Parent Helpers

Parents who wish to participate in the school programme are most welcome. Parent assistance can include helping with children’s learning, library assistance, helping with the sausage sizzle, sport, school trips, activity programmes etc. 

Religious Education

We do not host a religious education programme at Kaimai School.

Special Education Services

Children with special learning needs and may require extra help, can be referred to Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) or Special Education (SE) by parents and teachers. 

School Grounds

Children and parents are most welcome to use the school grounds outside school hours, but please observe the restrictions:

  • NO, golf, dogs
  • The school is a Non Smoking Environment

The school pool is open to the public in the summer via the purchasing of a key. 

School Strategic Plan and Policies

The school’s three-year Strategic Plan and all supporting policies are available at the school office. The relevant aspects of these will be communicated regularly through the school newsletter. 


Parents are responsible for providing stationery for their children. A stationery list is forwarded to each family prior to the new school year. . If your child requires further items, you will receive a note from the teacher. For further information contact the school office. 

Talking to the Principal or Teacher

The office staff and Principal are always prepared to assist you with your enquiries and concerns. We have a genuine ‘open door’ policy. We would far rather deal with a concern before it becomes a problem. It is usually necessary to make an appointment if you wish to speak to the principal or a teacher about matters related to the well-being of your child, however we will try to be as accommodating as possible.

Teaching staff are not available to answer the telephone during school times. Please leave a message or contact the teacher via email. They will return your call or reply to your message as soon as possible. Parent helpers are encouraged to be involved in the class by arrangement with the teacher. This might include helping with the class programme, school trips, sporting or craft activities. 


Our Year 7 and 8 students attend Technology classes at Taumata School. These are specialised classes that offer students experience in Hard and Soft Materials as well as Food Technology. There is a compulsory fee for all Year 7 and 8 students to cover transportation and materials for technology. To help with this, Kaimai School covers one third of the fees. An invoice is issued to all the Year 7 and 8 students’ families. 

Telephone Contact Numbers

Parents must keep the school informed of telephone number changes for both work and home. 


Most students take the bus to school. Copies of the bus timetable, procedure and route are available on the Kaimai School website and the school office. Students can be dropped off at school no earlier than 8.10am. Should you need to pick your child up after school later than 3.15pm this can be arranged via the school office. Our bus drivers are very experienced and are happy to meet with you prior to your child taking their first bus trip. Please contact the school office should you want to meet your child’s bus driver. 

Your Child’s Progress

Our reporting systems are aligned with the Ministry of Educations guidelines. We report two times during the year, specifically measuring pupil progress against achievement, expectations in literacy and numeracy. The timing of the reports will vary depending on the age of the student. Students in Years 4 to 8 will receive a progress report at the end of term 2 and a final report at the end term 4. New Entrant to Year 3 students will receive a report at the end of the term that their birthday is closest to as well as a progress report approximately six months later.

A Parent/Teacher/Student conference is held mid Term 1 and term 3. Concerns about the progress of your child may be addressed anytime. Please telephone for an appointment with your child’s teacher if you wish to discuss any matter regarding your child’s progress.