Kaimai School


First Aid

Basic facilities are provided at the sick bay adjoining the school office. Kaimai school staff are trained regularly in the use of first aid.


If your child requires medication at school, please notify the school office. Medical and immunisation records are held securely in the school office. Medication is held in the staff room or office area for use for your child. A medication form must be filled out before we can administer medication brought in from home. These forms are available from the office. Parents or teachers may refer a child to the Public Health Nurse if a health problem appears to exist.

We do have some Pamol on site for students who may require it. This is only administered if you have consented to this. Any administering of medication is recorded in the medication record book which is held at the office. The records will show what medication was given, at what time, how much and by whom. A note will also be sent home to inform you of this.

Mobile Dental

The Mobile Dental Unit visits our school once a year. The time of the visit can vary but we will notify you before the unit’s arrival.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse visits the school on a regular basis. Both teachers and parents can make referrals to the Health Nurse.