Kaimai School

Values PC4L


Kaimai students strive to do their best. They are conscious of doing things carefully and demonstrate resilience when ‘it’ gets difficult.


Kaimai students stand up for what they believe is right, and the way they act demonstrates this. They can be relied on to make sensible choices and acknowledge their mistakes.


Kaimai students can find the good in situations and guide others to do the same. They understand the impact of their behaviour on other people and take opportunities to help people feel better.


Kaimai students think positively about their achievements, enjoying the satisfaction they feel upon reaching their goals. They take responsibility for their environment and appreciate the facilities they have.


Kaimai students care about the people around them and treat them with dignity. They value their environment and belongings. They honour the expectations of Kaimai School, understanding that this makes school life more orderly and productive.